White Paper


Holger: What a challenge to develop and express with a few words the vision for this project! Bear with me:


Homegrown in Pacific Grove

PacificGrove.directory (Website + Gallery/Hub) is the opportunity to connect, share and discover in an unprecedented atmosphere of generosity.

It is a portal, dedicated to the silent recognition that there is so much more that connects us than separates.

PacificGrove.directory is an invitation to be practical, resourceful and respectful;
first of all within our self.

To experience an atmosphere of gentle confidence, opportunity and synchronicity;
in which our minds can untangle and enjoy their natural place.


Structure supports spontaneity

PacificGrove.directory is an invitation to allow openness; rather brave than overly suspicious.

Based on the Golden Rule, to meet each as we want to be met.

It is a place for individuals to be sincere despite the seeming signs of the time.


Being connected creates value

PacificGrove.directory is a niche, free of propaganda, free of manipulative marketing language.

The focus is not on exploiting, but on sharing what we have, and to experience what we love and do.


The simpler, the better

Not a club, but the unique freedom to recognice who and what we are; and to unlearn what does not work anymore.

Currently money seems to be a great stumbling block for the unfoldment of this project. But your input and participation is priceless.

Thank you for your financial gift, feedback and word-of-mouth sharing, to turn the vision into reality. Any contribution is very much appreciated.

April 2017

PS: Hiring me is another avenue for support: www.ToolsHabitsAttitudes.com


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