I like that! What can I do?


Thank you for your interest in this project: PacificGrove.directory.

We have all this amazing technology to be connected; why can’t we use it in constructive ways? Nurturing our hearts and minds; helping us to embrace the gift of life and to outgrow our current limitations; to be the change we want to see in the world: simple, easy, natural.

So much time we spend every day just to do the things we do, to care for our affairs, to keep the body alive, and to maybe have a little fun. And amazingly time just flies, and very little seems to change in the bigger picture, to move forward.

Working on this project is a challenge for me due to my own ignorance, time constraints, distractions, doubts, hesitations, financial challenges

I am not interested in blaming politicians or to wait for the world to change. How can I be? What can I do, where I live, today? Life is supposed to be beautiful (-; Did I learn anything?


I would love to keep you updated, or to occasionally reach out and ask you about your desires and interests. I’d like to ask you what “you” want to see fulfilled in such a unique project. The uniqueness and power I see in approaching it as a labor of love:



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